There is misinformation circulating about your project/company

The media keeps reporting inaccurate facts about your project / company and now it’s filtering into your conversations with customers / stakeholders. You’re always correcting people about your business because of what they heard on the news.

JGR Communications helps you with communications issues and misinformation

It’s very difficult to eliminate misinformation, but a strategic communications plan can help you develop an effective, sustained response, as opposed to constant reaction, to such communication issues. JGR Communications recommends developing a plan that:

  • Defines your story, clarifies your position, and crafts consistent responses to negative messaging
  • Develops clear and measurable objectives for reducing negative outcomes and creating more positive outcomes
  • Defines the audiences and leaders you need to engage to garner more positive responses to your business
  • Creates a set of strategies showing the direction your plan must take to reach your desired objectives
  • Sets out actions guided by your strategy that work off each other, including media stories and events, social media, online communications, direct personal communications, consultation processes and many other tactics
  • Measures and evaluates how well your message is working


We can help you develop a plan that manages your organization’s image and reputation. We can also help train your selected spokespersons to be their most effective in media interviews – not only delivering your key messages but having them placed in the media story.