Share your story with the right people at the right time through the right channels. Build and enhance relationships that make your business successful. We’re ready to partner with you to build a strategy that fits your company and helps realize your goals.

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Corporate Communications and Public Relations (PR)

Every business is unique. We work with you to build a communications framework that matches your company’s structure, and develop communications processes that fit within your daily operations. And we develop an integrated communications strategy that builds and enhances those key relationships for your business.


Media and Presentation Training

No question, presentation skills are linked to career success. Whether it’s representing your organization in a media interview or giving a critical presentation. Trainers on our team are former award-winning journalists who have done thousands of interviews both as reporters and as spokespersons. We’ve also developed and given hundreds of presentations. From executives to professional athletes, middle managers to front line workers – we’ve helped hundreds of clients make small changes to achieve big impacts. We do this by harnessing the power of modern neuroscience. Less theory – more evidence.


Social Media

So many social media channels now and so many ways to engage with people. But where should you devote your time and resources? At JGR we get social media. It’s about more than tweeting, posting, liking and following – it’s about expressing an interest in what interests the people who impact you. We work with you to deliver social media strategies that spark conversations with people online, creating feedback and calls to action for real-world activities.


Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation

Inform – Consult – Involve – Collaborate – Empower. These are all elements of the IAP2 Spectrum which we strongly support. Using these world-class techniques our team has built complex stakeholder programs that have resulted in multi-billion dollar projects achieving regulatory approval. We’ve helped clients build and enhance their relationships with key stakeholders. We plan and implement consultation programs that engage, inform and partner with groups that have a vested interest in what you do. Our goal is to develop partnerships that mutually benefit everyone.


Issues and Reputation Management

Your image and reputation are valuable. We help manage and mitigate issues before they damage your brand by clearly communicating your position and actions, while understanding the positions, actions and expectations of others. Sometimes situations arise that you couldn’t prepare for in advance – we know how to build communications strategies quickly to put out the fires.


Internal Communications

Your employees are your most compelling ambassadors. They need to know what your company does – they need to know how it helps people. They need to know where your business is going. And they need to know where you stand on an issue. And as social media interaction becomes an increasing part of daily communications – helping your employees be the best ambassadors they can is ever more important. We help build the right internal communications structure that meets your employees’ communication needs, and partner with you to craft narrative that inspires and engages them.


Crisis Management

We help you build a crisis communications plan before one happens. This way, you’ll know what to say and what to do if your organization is engulfed in a serious, reputation-damaging incident.