You’ve managed to land an interview opportunity on the morning show

First of all, congratulations. Getting the opportunity to highlight your organization, project or cause on local TV or Radio news is a wonderful way to generate momentum.

You know your topic, it’s certainly newsworthy and maybe you even have some experience with media interviews. But guess what? The time in that short, little interview goes by extremely quickly. You have only seconds to succinctly make your first point and if you wander off-topic the likelihood of disengaging or confusing the audience is extremely high – particularly in morning news programs where audiences are already listening with only one ear as a rule.

Members of the JGR team have the experience to help coach you to make the fullest impact for your morning show “hit.” In fact, members of our team have spent years of their career hosting morning shows on television so the very experience is extremely familiar to them.

We can help you make the most of your interview with a short coaching session.