Media Training Municipalities

If you have a leadership role in a Canadian municipality – the media counts.

How a municipality or a community and its leaders (elected and senior staff) are portrayed in the media can accentuate or destroy credibility. Media Training for Municipalities (elected and senior non-elected officials) is critical.

JGR Communications has developed a specific program and training team just for municipalities.

Karen Leibovici Karen Leibovici is a four-term Edmonton City Councilor, two-term Alberta MLA and past-President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. She’s spent a lifetime working with media as a politician and brings first hand experience to the interview experience – not just theory.

Doug Downs

Doug Downs is a former TV, Radio and Newspaper journalist. Over the course of his career he conducted 11,000 interviews. He’s been providing media training to corporate executives and municipalities for over 15 years.

The JGR approach has been specially developed to help elected and senior non-elected municipal officials navigate the media maze including:

  • Issues Management
  • What to do when a reporter calls and the story isn’t good
  • Choosing the right spokesperson
  • Why reporters get “stuck” on certain story angles – even at risk of ignoring the facts
  • Showing your calm and making your point with impact
  • How to influence the story angle
  • How to avoid the mid-interview disaster
  • Dealing with media in a crisis
  • Developing and strengthening your media policy


Training sessions are offered throughout Canada. We have worked in, and understand, the nuances in different regions and communities from coast to coast to coast. Each session we do is personalized to the municipality’s wants and needs. After the training – we leave you with the tools to manage your media relations and no-cost opportunities to liaise with us on particular issues to make sure your strategies and tactics are on target.

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