Presentation Training

Presentation skills are linked to career success. Whether you’re the CEO, someone growing within the company, involved in sales, a lawyer, a politician, a professional athlete or an educator – how you present changes how people see you and how well they remember what you said.

  1. Win over tough crowds
  2. Organize a coherent story
  3. Connect with your audience
  4. Show people your ideas matter
  5. Inspire action
  6. Balance analytical and emotional appeal
  7. Create powerful visuals and demonstrations

We use modern neuroscience research to understand how our brains synthesize and remember key information.

You ARE the presentation.

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Business and Project Updates

For many of our clients the help they need is with meetings and small presentations. Often these are investor or stakeholder meetings and sometimes they’re internal meetings with important leaders or even employees. Whether it’s critical updates for the Board or showing your project leadership – leaders need to be seen as leaders – inspiring and persuading real change and real action. Absolutely we can help with small group or one-to-one coaching. Our approach is always personalized – never preaching a single way to present. If you know your stuff – we’ll help you show it by harnessing your distinct attributes making you more authentic, more engaging and more memorable.


Organizing your Presentation

Today most people know starting your presentation by opening a software slide deck isn’t the way to go – although it’s still an extremely common practice. You’ve got tonnes of information you want to deliver in this presentation and we can help you systematically and methodically plan for real success. It begins with identifying only a handful of outcomes and working backward to best understand how to achieve them. Then we’ll help you identify and use tools (like PowerPoint) that support you – not control you. You are the presentation and we’ll help you achieve that. The structure we’ll build together will be something you can use and reshape on your own going forward for any presentation.


Career Development for your Employees

As a senior leader in your organization you know the value of good presentation – it helped you get to where you are. Your employees want the same opportunities for their careers and to help your company. We live and work in a distracted world. Any successful person needs to have the skills and ability to get the attention of their audience (and their bosses) to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding and even persuade others. Invest in your team by helping and inspiring them to be more effective presenters. Small changes = Big impacts.


Personal Coaching

Ironically “presentation,” which by its very definition involves offering, demonstrating or working with others is deeply personal. Whether it’s nerves, a personal tic or behavioural trait or just needing to trust someone to help you be better, personal and professional coaching helps. We will sit down with you one-to-one, on site or off site and work out a development plan. We’ll focus on your personal skills and use modern neuroscience to make you a better you in presentation. Science shows there’s no one way to present – authenticity is far more important than form. Get ready for lots of practising.



You can make a great pitch – but that’s of no use if it isn’t caught. Almost every job has an element of sales to it. This is where our approach based in neuroscience makes a sharp difference.Whether it’s a one-to-one meeting or you’ve made the RFP short-list and you’re in the final three presenting your approach to a large client at their office – we can help you make an impact. Some key factors are: Using less PowerPoint than you’re planning. Way less Not overthinking body language – those studies claiming it’s 90% of communication are myths. Inviting interruptions – embracing them. These are the moments when your client is the most engaged. Using humour. It’s powerful. But use it carefully. Planning and practicing the whole presentation but particularly the first and last two minutes. We work with realtors, medical equipment salespeople, people in construction equipment and project sales, financial services agents and many other professionals who depend on good presentation for sales. We tailor the training to your personal skills and use shorter, multiple sessions to give you space and time to explore ideas for yourself.


Using Video

Once the domain of media training and corporate sales videos, video is now a critically important skill. Studies show more than 50 per cent of people prefer to get information by watching it – not reading it. Live streaming on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Periscope is changing the way organizations engage with their audiences. In fact, they are turning audiences into participants. Whether it’s live streaming from an event, giving a webinar, planning a corporate video or even doing an interview with media or bloggers, your team needs to know how best to present itself on-camera. Our team brings 30 years of experience to video presentation training – we can help you look good.


Giving a Keynote Address

The opportunity to give a keynote address is a complement to how you’ve already presented yourself. You are successful by the very opportunity extended. Now you have to live up to that ? We help you plan your presentation, systematically identifying only a handful of goals and outcomes then working backward to design how to achieve them in your presentation. Then we’ll help you identify and use tools (like PowerPoint) that support you – not control you. Maybe your style is best by podium but maybe you’re able to step away from the tank and get closer to your audience. Maybe you’re comfortable with a headset microphone and maybe a hand-held microphone is right for you. We’ll help you see your own strengths and build on them.