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The Modern Approach to Media Relations - Game Plan

Our book “The Modern Approach to Media Relations – Game Plan” is now available in hard and soft copy. It includes strategies and tools designed to work in today’s media relations environment.

JGR Communications provides the most thorough and experienced media training sessions in Edmonton, Calgary or anywhere in Alberta. What makes us different is our experience on both sides of the media interview. We have the communications experience to help you make your organization look good – and we have the experience as reporters to know what the media is looking for. Our media trainers have been spokespersons in more than 500 interviews but have ALSO conducted more than 11,000 interviews as reporters.


The media has changed substantially in the last ten years – and our approach to working with the media has evolved with it. One example is the typical approach by most media trainers to focus on driving home messages.

Some will even say “It doesn’t matter what the reporter asks you – you’re going to deliver your messages.”

Kissinger does anyone have any questions for my answers

Henry Alfred Kissinger – 56th US Secretary of State

A decade ago this was the common philosophical approach to media training. Get your messages out there – regardless of the conversation. Society has just become more sophisticated than that. It’s now critical that you demonstrate you’re engaged in the conversation with the reporter. Your narrative is an important part of your planning – but your approach to the interview can’t be so blunt anymore.

Here’s an example of someone driving home their messages

Ouch. This just doesn’t work anymore. We will work with you, and your personal style, to engage in the conversation to the point that you’re weaving in your narrative in a way that’s invisible and comfortable – to you, the reporter and to the audience.

We provide personalized media training in Edmonton, Calgary or anywhere in Alberta tailored to your needs and schedule.

Media Training for Municipal Leaders

We’ve developed a media training curriculum specific to elected and senior non-elected municipal leaders. We’ve teamed with Karen Leibovici, the former President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and two-term Alberta MLA to offer an unparalleled training experience. See more here.

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