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What Key Messages are … and what they aren’t

Key messages can be useful tools to ensure we say the right thing to the right people at the right time. I like to think of them as sign posts along a winding path through a rugged landscape, or buoys that mark the shipping lane in a harbour. If I need to start a conversation,…

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How to make a bar graph compelling (hint: start with World War Two)

Trending on media blogs, Twitter and Facebook feeds is a 15-minute documentary on World War Two that was released on U.S. Memorial Day – titled simply “The Fallen of World War II.”   There is no celebrity voice-over, no interviews from the last surviving veterans, only the barest of archival footage. Mostly, it’s composed of…

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Change is constant. Communicate it well – and with patience

Nothing endures but change. Heraclites, Greek philosopher (535 BC – 475 BC) I can argue communication is a by-product of change. Something is different; we sense it, and we need to know why it happened, and the process of figuring it out leads us to interact with others who may or may not be aware…

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Did a TV ad campaign change the future of a country?

A few months ago, I caught a screening of the 2012 Chilean film No. The film is a visual case study of an actual campaign on Chilean television leading up to the 1988 referendum of the presidency of Augusto Pinochet, who had been uncontested leader of Chile since a military coup in 1973. Many of…

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